Congress Toolkit Exposed – What is it & How congress used to Defame Modi

Congress Toolkit Exposed – What is it & How congress used to Defame Modi as Per BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra.. BJP has made allegations that Congress used toolkit to corner PM Modi on the Mismanagement of Covid-19. Today on 18th May 2021, BJP’s spokesperson Dr. Sambit Patra came with the statement about Congress Toolkit. He slammed the Congress party for attempting to defame Prime Minister Modi. Sambit Patra was seen exposing the toolkit and made many statements which are given in this article.

Congress Toolkit Exposed

Sambit Patra Said “This toolkit shows how Congress party wants to gain strength in Corona pandemic. It shows their intentions to spread misinformation in the country.

Sambit Patra read many sections of the toolkit and said that the Congress party wanted to tarnish the image of the Prime Minister using different strategies. They are using various social media accounts which look like BJP supports accounts to write how incompetent PM is in this situation. Congress was spinning the web in international media also, he added. Patra also said is clear that now we know the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi are behind this.

BJP Shared Congress Toolkit

Bhartiya Janta Party has made the serious allegations against the Congress party. BJP spokesperson said that Opposition party is using a toolkit to blur the image of Prime Minister of India and get political gain. They are using Covid-19 as a tool while the whole country is suffering.

BJP said that some selected media houses and international media was asked to cover Kumbh Mela as “Super-spreader Kumbh Mela”. They also instructed media to keep using the world super spreader Kumbh to keep people reminding about the same.

They also made allegation that former civil servants are also asked to raise questions on PMCARES funds. Also, that Modi is taking special care of Gujarat while ignoring other states.

What is Congress Toolkit

Let us first understand what actually is a toolkit. The toolkit is a set of instructions that are generally used by protestors these days. Instead of templates and hoardings, Group messages and instructions are spread over social media groups to give tasks to members. The toolkit is used by big companies and various political parties to manage their campaigns and maintain coordination.

What Submit Patra Quoted About Congress Toolkit?

“Using this toolkit, they are talking about magnifying the situation using the dead body of people. It feels painful to see how Congress party is using dead people for their toolkit. It also asked its supporters and volunteers to use dependable words for Prime Minister so that it becomes acceptable. Congress is building toolkit to defame the nation instead of helping the people who are fighting against Corona. This exposes the true face of the Congress party. These instructions have same design that Rahul Gandhi is using in his tweets” – He Added

Congress Party Denies Toolkit

On the other hand, the Congress party has denied using any such tool and the Youth Congress Twitter handle posted:

Fake leaders of the anti people BJP are trying to spread a fake and morphed document calling it our toolkit.

To all of you, please get a life. Please try to help people now.

For your mental health issues please get in touch with our helpline – Hello Doctor 9983836838 #FakeBJP

— Youth Congress (@IYC) May 18, 2021

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